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about usmattMatt, commonly referred to as “Slim”, was born and raised in the Philadelphia area and moved to San Francisco in 1996. He opened a cocktail lounge (Catalyst Cocktails), met many challenges along the way, sold his cocktail lounge, and continues to remain in the industry. Along with his affinity for San Francisco nightlife, he has sustained many links and ties to the poly community for several years. Pulling on resources from his nightlife affiliates as well as friends in the poly community, Slim realized there was an opportunity to fill a niche within both lifestyles. This was the birth of Love Triangle. You can reach him via e-mail.


Virginia Vee (Secret_V, Lady Vee, Amazing V, Momma V) is possibly best known as an extraordinary party hostess. She’s been a bi and poly activist for more than 20 years, and is a highly-regarded consciousness educator, workshop conductor, and life-coach specializing in sexuality, body energies, relationships, and sensuality. Currently she does very odd jobs (not all of them kinky!) and provides personal services while working on a degree that will one day land her in therapy (as a psychotherapist). Her awesomeness includes iron-chef level cooking skills, dreamwork, and knowing “everyone” (if that doesn’t include you yet, please do meet her!). An adventurous bi poly switch, you can find her around the Bay’s Goth scene, at sex clubs, private play parties and especially at Mission Control. You can reach her via e-mail.

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